The One Rocking Out

Hmmm, just working on typing up the pages and pages of my WIP that I wrote out by hand. I've noticed that whenever I'm stuck or I'm feeling too intimidated to write (for whatever reason), it almost always helps to jot down a few scenes in my notebook. I haven't really been talking about what projects I'm working on... mostly because I'm afraid of boring you guys to death, but also because I have no idea what story you'll be seeing next from me. I'm trying to be very strategic about this whole "author brand" thing, but most of the stories I'm interested in writing are different from Brightly Woven in tone and subject matter. A few of you have emailed me to ask about a potential sequel, but that's out of my hands at this point.

Anyway, I thought I'd let my WIP's playlist do the talking for now:

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I went into Barnes & Noble today to visit with Brightly Woven, and they had put out eight more books. I know, I know. I really need to stop doing that, but I feel like I need to check on them, you know? To see how many copies are hanging out on the shelf, to spy on people who pick it up and read the flap copy... Anyway, so all of the other books nearby were down to three or four, but there's BW with its recently replenished stock (I would know, too, since I maybe-probably-definitely checked on Friday, too), looking all unloved. It made me feel like I was watching my kid being picked last for the kickball team. So I did the only "logical" thing in the situation, and bought one of them.

(I mean, I'm not even going to bother trying to explain the rationale behind that, except to say that publishing HAS TURNED ME INTO A CRAZY PERSON.)

Anyway, so I got down to the cashiers and handed her my book and my credit card. I always feel really conspicuous when I'm holding my book, like I'm doing something I shouldn't be and EVERYBODY KNOWS, so I handed the book to her cover down. The following conversation then took place:

B&N Bookseller: Do you have a membership account? Me: I don't have my card, but my telephone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. B&N Bookseller: Alexandra Bracken? Me: Yep *starts shuffling through purse for wallet, trying to not act like a crazy-suspicious-criminal person* B&N Bookseller: Oh, how funny! You have the same name as the author!

Okay, so you would think that'd be the moment where I'd say something clever like, "I AM the author," or use it as a chance to ask about signing the rest of the stock they have, but oh no. The best I could manage was:

Me: ... oh um, yeah, heh. That's why I'm buying it.

And then I ran out of the store.