The One About the List

I've been pretty amazed by the number of people who've asked me about what position I am on the New York Times Bestsellers list. I would like to take this entry to assure you that I am not on it. :p I forget all the time that it's not necessarily public knowledge that NO ONE knows what the requirements for being on the list are. No one--except the people at the NYT--knows what their formula is for calculating it. Because, trust me, actual sales are only part of it. We have a book at work I was SO SURE was going to debut on the list, but it didn't show up this week--and it had sold more copies than the books in the #9 and #10 position, from what I could tell.

I love trying to guess what titles are going to be on the list based BookScan sales... but BookScan is never completely accurate because it doesn't track all retailers. From what I've been able to tell, though, a book has to register at least--AT LEAST--2000 sold copies/week to have a shot at the Children's Hardcover List. Lately it seems like the average is about 2500-3000. That's A LOT of books.

Anyway, how about a small victory for your evening? The B&N near my childhood home/parent's house FINALLY has BW on shelves:


After weeks of harassment on my parents' part, might I add! They asked the store to make sure they had the book in stock only to find out a week or so back that all of the copies the store ordered were reserved or sold and they couldn't buy one.