The One with the Snowy Friday Five

1. Thank you to everyone who has entered the contest so far!! It's still happening and you have plenty of time to enter. I just wanted to clarify that I WILL ship internationally, whether you live in Canada or Antarctica. Also, I'm still waiting on the bookmarks to come in, but they should be reaching me next week. I had some... er, many... technical difficulties getting the files to be a high enough quality to be printed. Everything should be fine and dandy now, though. I'm excited to start mailing them :) 2. More BW stuff: there's another Brightly Woven contest happening over on GoodReads. Kirkus Reviews, which rose from the dead just in time to inflict more of its unique brand of holy terror on the the Tenners, declared BW "A guilty pleasure, perhaps, but a pleasure nonetheless." Which--hell yeah it's a guilty pleasure! I may not be the Michael Bay of YA fiction, but I'm in this biz to entertain! Alsoooo: Kate of Read This Book pointed out to me that Book Depository looks as though it'll start shipping BW in three days (March 1). This is actually not that weird. Publishers generally have two dates for books: the Release date (for books releasing mid or late month, it's usually in the beginning of the month... so, in this case, I bet BW's is either March 1st or 2nd) and the On Sale date. I asked around to get an exact picture of what the difference is, and I think what it comes down to is that the Release day is when it starts shipping/arriving in stores, and the On Sale date is the date that stores are obligated/scheduled to actually put them out on shelves. But it often happens that they decided to put the books out when they arrive, or online retailers will start shipping them early. There's something else called a "Lay Down" date, which is a strict On Sale date generally reserved for big titles that shouldn't be released before then (think Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.).

3. It's another blizzard!! It might not be quite as gloomy outside as it was during the Snowpocalypse, but it's coming down harder and there seems to be more snow.


I'm worried because my brother is supposed to fly into NYC tomorrow afternoon, but the snow isn't going to let up until Sunday. If they cancel his flight I will have a serious case of the sads! He's my birthday present! (I turn 23 tomorrow--YUCK. Though I like that I turn 23 and my book comes out on the 23rd. Because I am weird.)

4. It has been brought to my attention by Roommate J that I kind of suck at the Olympics. Roommate J is a Olympics diehard, so I like to occupy the other end of the couch while she has it on at night. (Also--the Olympics are on SOOOO late!! I'm an old lady now! I have to get to bed before 12!) I know it's supposed to be a celebration of the world's best athletes, and that I'm supposed to be wowed and happy to see these groups of people performing at their best, digging deeper, going for the gold--but damn if I don't want the Americans to win everything.

Getty [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

Like, even last night during ladies figure skating, when it was pretty clear that the American girls had about as much of a chance of medaling as a snowball has of surviving in hell, I still wanted all of the top competitors to choke. After Yu-Na Kim scored 150 million kazillion points, I set my evil powers of mess-up mojo on Mao Asada (known in our casa as 'Carne Asada') who did fub it up just a bit. What can I say? I just don't like hype. I don't think Yu-Na Kim liked her hype very much, either--she was literally shaking and crying when she finished. Roommate J and I looked at one another and were like, "She's totally crying from the relief of knowing she's not going to be be slandered and offed by her adoring fans for not winning gold, right?" Poor thing. BUT I STILL WANTED HER TO LOSE! WHY DO THE OLYMPICS BRING OUT THE WORST IN ME??

(All that aside: how great was Mirai Nagasu last night?)

(Also aside: Let's be honest--the real dramaz happened in the men's skating programs. Evgeni Plushenko's long program is going to haunt my dreams for a lifetime. I'm glad Evan Lysacek beat him [though the poor guy seems to be suffering from an extreme case of tanerexia--someone take the spray tan away!!!], though the fact that Plushenko awarded himself a platinum medal is never going to stop being funny to me.)

5. Okay, so have I mentioned how obsessed I am with the show Sons of Anarchy? Like, scary obsessed. The kind of obsessed that compels a normal, Disney-Princess-loving girl to spend 26 straight hours marathoning both seasons of it, and then crying when she realized she would have to wait until September for the new season to start.


It's the story of a fictional family/outlaw gang/motorcycle club who protect their town (Charming, California) on their own terms and at whatever costs. To quote the ever-wise Obi-Wan, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than you will on this show. The Sons (also known as SAMCRO) do terrible things, but you love them and care about them and (sometimes) understand their motivations. The people they're doing battle with are far worse--white supremists, drug runners, rapists, etc.--which goes a long way in making the audience sympathetic to their style of vengeance. It's very much the story about family, in the same way that Friday Night Lights isn't so much a show about football as it is a show about a town and the people who inhabit it.

Also cool? SoA pulls from Hamlet. Jax Teller, the main character, begins questioning the way his stepfather, Clay (played by Ron Perlman--who looks unnatural without some kind of strange character make up), is running the Sons when he discovers his dead father's manuscript about how the club lost its way since he founded it, and what his original intentions for it were. Clay stands in for Claudius, his mother (who is THE definition of HBIC) Gemma is obviously Gertrude, and the manuscript sort of functions as his father's ghost. ANYWAY. Let's hope it doesn't follow Hamlet perfectly, because--SPOILER--I'd really prefer that everyone not die at the end (but I could totally see it happening).