The One with the Good Guessers!

Wow, thanks to everyone who took a crack at guessing my middle name! I'm happy to report that two people actually guessed it, but my mom is happy to report that no one got the actually spelling of it. She's feeling particularly clever now, and was surprised that you all thought I had such a fancy smancy middle name! I think her favorite guesses were Cora, Cassiopeia, and Cassandra--it made the little Greek girl in her heart very happy. This is the woman that at two different points in her pregnancy wanted to call me Valentina and Theodora, so you all get points for going Greek. :) But what's my actual middle name?

It's Cayley! It's a little random, but she liked the name and used the spelling that would pull from different family members' names (such as C from Cyndi, A from Dan, Y from my Aunt Cathy [who is, coincidentally, my lovely and wonderful godmother], etc.).

So who were the winners? Shana Silver and Victoria Schwab, who guessed Caylee and Cailey respectively. Nice one, ladies! I think that because they were both only a letter off, it's only fair to let them each pick an ARC, with Shana choosing first since she edged out V by something like two entries. Just let me know which ones you guys want and I will drop them in the mail tomorrow!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Come back tomorrow because I'll be kicking off the countdown to Brightly Woven's release in a big way...

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