The One with the Friday Five

Oh, hey! I haven't done a Friday Five in a while, have I? Actually... I haven't done a blog post in a while, either. Sorry, sorry! This was a very busy, long, bad, insert other adjective here week. 1. Primarily because we experienced SNOWPOCALYPSE 2: THE SLIGHTLY INFERIOR SEQUEL. Unlike Washington, DC, we didn't get QUITE that much snow and the city didn't shut down. What can I say? We roll tough in this city. ;) You may remember that I got my first ever snow day last year, and even then we only had what--like three inches of snow at most? I can't even imagine what it must have been like for them last weekend... unlike Roommate J and many New Yorkers, I didn't get out of work on Wednesday. I have to confess that I was super bitter about this, and that bitterness didn't really improve as the company kept sending us emails informing us the mailroom closing early, the cafe that's not even in our building was closing early... and yet they didn't send us an early release notification. The office was generally empty, as many of my coworkers live in the outer boroughs or in New Jersey and the trains were on the fritz and roads were overloaded with snow. I only stayed until 3, right when conditions were supposed to worsen... except I don't think it was ever all that bad. I kind of loved walking home with all the snow whirling around my face and seeing the little kids sledding and building snowmen.

The view from my office building was pretty gloomy, though!


2. This is probably not going to be all that funny to people who aren't familiar with my gloriously boring alma mater, but it still gave me a few good chuckles this morning:

When I mention to people that I went to W&M, one of the most frequent questions I get is "Oh, is that near Colonial Williamsburg?" This video demonstrates pretty well that it literally is just across the street. As in, "Oh here, let me risk my life to cross Confusion Corner to go buy my school books." The school actually occupies one end of the the main road (Duke of Gloucester Street), with the House of Burgesses at the other end. But yes, it can be pretty boring in the 'Burg...

3. Did you see this list of Easter Eggs in the new Toy Story 3 trailer??? PIXAR, you are too awesome for words.

4. I'm currently in the process of designing bookmarks for Brightly Woven... and, uh, check out my count down number. We are under 40 days, people!!! Expect a contest blow-out EXTRAVAGANZAAAAA in the near future :) And yes, I'm still more than happy to conduct blog interviews and give out some swag. Hit me up if you're interested!

5. And finally, while I don't have myself a Valentine this weekend, I do have plenty of people I intend to send some slightly inappropriate V-Day cards to, courtesy of SomeEcards. Warning to those of delicate sensibilities or in the bloom of youth: some of the cards are highly inappropriate.



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