The One with the Force

I'm on a real Star Wars kick lately. Well, I guess it's not really a kick since I'm always tuned into the saga, but still. The obsession kind of comes and goes in waves, and right now I'm fast approaching this particular wave's crest. Also, I'm not sure why, but I keep finding great SW related stuff popping up online. Must! Share! If you are of a non-nerdy stature, steel your hearts, friends!

Darth Vader's Actual Voice

I met David Prowse (who played... the body of Vader, I guess?) many moons ago at two different Star Wars conventions. I don't have very many memories of him, only that he had a weird accent, and wasn't nearly as nice as Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca. Also, this video of Vader with Prowse's voice? hi-larious.

- I keep forgetting that they're actually going forward with a live action TV show, after years of Lucas denying he would. If this is the first time you're hearing about it, it's going to be set in the period between Episode III and Episode IV, and I think a large component of it is going to be the Empire hunting down the remaining Jedi. FUN TIMES. The article I linked gives me hope that the show will be more of a character drama than let's-blow-crap-up-in-space fest like the prequels. I would kinda really love to see an Imperial Academy era young Han Solo, writers. Just throwing that out there...

The article also brings up another point about continuity issues. Although most people probably don't know this, there are dozens and dozens of Star Wars novels that comprise the "Expanded Universe." I think most of these were created with Lucas' approval, but they both go back in the timeline and hundreds of years forward. I've always said that this would be one of the main reasons why Lucas would never do Star Wars VII, VIII, and IX films. (Also because, bless them, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are old, and Harrison Ford has been over this shit for years.) Lucas would have to use narratives already established in the novels, or explore other characters/families. Or go entirely 3-D and not use actors at all.

Anyway, puts them in their place.

(And while we're on this topic, the "f" in Force is always capitalized, and there's a hypen in Obi-Wan. Just saying. Fan Girl Grammar Nazi moment over.)

- HOW COOL ARE THESE POSTERS??? You could almost get away with hanging those around your house and not having visitors give you weird looks. Almost.

- Have you guys heard of the movie Fan Boys? It's basically a love letter to the SW fandom and very funny (also slightly depressing when you realize you know all of the answers to the quiz they get at the end), and Kristen Bell is somewhat randomly in it.


- And finally, Star Wars Action Figures Doing What They Do Best. Ah, sweet memories of trying to hunt down a Blue Snaggletooth figure and Plastic Cape Jawa figure for dad...

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