The One with the First Line(s)

This past weekend I started writing a new story, only to restart it tonight after realizing what I spent all weekend writing was actually utter crap. Alas, alack. It just needed to cook a little more in my brain before I started writing it, and I needed to stop resisting the urge to write it in present tense and just go for it. But that false start made me think back to all of the different original beginnings Brightly Woven has had (which, I'm afraid to report, is QUITE A FEW). So, since I have nothing else even remotely interesting or clever to talk to you about today, I thought we would take a stroll down memory lane and share all of my different first lines... or I guess I'm taking the stroll and forcing you to come with me?

The Way Original Opening: Even though she would never admit it to me, I knew my mother secretly blamed me for the drought.

The Maybe I Shouldn't Start with Syd Opening: In Cliffton, we had a name for people like Wayland North: dust kissers.

The I Should Have Some Actual ~*~Action~*~ in the First Chapter Opening: He had only had two pints, or at least two pints that I had seen, when North pitched forward in his seat and knocked the rest of his drink to the floor with an anguished moan.

The, Um, Really Gross Opening: There were seventeen wooden planks above our heads, and save for the small oil lamp at the back of the cramped cabinet, the gaps between each strip of dark wood were our only source of light.

The Oh No, I Definitely Need to Start with Syd Opening: I ducked down into the shade of the rocks, my chest as tight as dry leather.

The Please Don't Make Me Rewrite This Again, Agent Opening: I crouched down below the cover of the jutting rocks, my legs aching with exhaustion and my chest as tight as dry leather.

The I AM NEVER CHANGING THIS EVER AGAIN Opening: The day the rains finally came was like any other in Cliffton.

The PLEASE GOD, MAKE IT STOP Opening: The day the rains finally came was like any other, the same blistering air coating the canyon in the same heavy stillness.

The FINAL-ISH* Opening: The day the rains finally came was like any other, with blistering air coating the canyon in a heavy stillness.

*I actually can't remember if this is the EXACT opening, because I think we might have tweaked a word last month. Truthfully, I can't remember if said word was from the first, second, or third sentence, which should show you how attached I am to it...