The One with the C Contest

Hey guys! Are you in the mood for a quick contest?? Would you like to win an ARC of one of the books below? I thought so :)

wolves siren shadowhills

All you have to do is guess my middle name. I must warn you that no one has been able to figure it out (yet), but I think the above lovelies will be proper motivation to get your brains a'whirlin'.

Your only clues: it starts with the letter "C" and has an "a" somewhere in it.

The rules: - First one to guess it gets their pick of the ARCs! If no one guesses it, I'll try to pick whoever came the closest.

- Four guesses per person MAX! Don't list more than that, or you get disqualified :p

- If you are a family member, a close personal friend and/or roommate, you can't enter. But you have my eternal love, so that should be enough to keep you going through the darkest of book-less days.

- All guesses must be in by Monday the 22nd, because I'm going to have yet ANOTHER contest on Tuesday the 23rd.

Guess away!

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