The One That's a Bit of a Downer

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I hope whatever team you're pulling for wins! I thought about rooting for the Saints, as they're now my friend Carlin's team, but they beat the Cardinals and I'm a little vindictive, so I think it's better that I cheer for no one... I had another little idea nugget come to me today while I was trying to clean up the little hell hole that is my room. While some of you have been buried under Snowmaggedon, I've had the worst cold known to mankind. I didn't leave the apartment at all on Saturday, which was probably for the best as I didn't really have a voice. But today, with my idea nugget in mind, I went to do some work at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. Talk about a zoo! I keep forgetting that the Superbowl is on later here than it is back in Arizona, so I definitely underestimated the crowds today.

Anyway, while I was scribbling down some thoughts about the idea, and skimming through some potential comp titles for a few work projects, I realized that... I'm kind of burnt out on reading. I know that sounds terrible given both of my professions, but I really just have... so little patience when it comes to books these days. If it doesn't hook me in the first fifty pages, I'll put it down and never pick it back up. This is a total change from my pre-college days, when I would finish a book even if I didn't really like it. In college I had no free time to read for pleasure, so maybe I just fell out of the habit?

Or I read so much for work that the last thing I want to do when I come home is read for fun?

I'm going to try to make a goal to read one book every two weeks. Lord knows that I could definitely use a break from the ten thousand TV shows I've become emotionally invested in. I really do need to fill some of the major reading gaps I have (including, but not limited to: The Giver, The Hunger Games, Fire, books by Robin McKinley, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc.--apparently I rebel against popular books...)

ANYWAY. This isn't so much of a downer as it is an FYI, but for everyone that's been inquiring about a Brightly Woven sequel, I have no news for you. I have plenty of ideas for where the story could go, but I think, to be brutally honest, that the likelihood of my publisher asking for a sequel entirely depends on the sales of Brightly Woven. But the GOOD news is that I finally got to see the finished map that'll be included in the final copies of the book and it is super spiffy and lovely. I've uploaded it over on Tumblr for those of you reading ARCs or just wanting a peek. :)

Right now I'm working on developing a few different projects with my agent. And by different, I meant everything from more traditional fantasy like Brightly Woven to Urban Fantasy to Sci-Fi. I suppose it was kind of inevitable that I would get around to trying Sci-Fi given my not-so-secret shameful past as a Super Fan:


My dad called me yesterday JUST to tell me that he had booked all of our flights and hotel reservations for CELEBRATION V. After five Star Wars conventions, I'm a little convention-ed out at this point... but I am TOTALLY PUMPED FOR THE GRAND OPENING OF THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!! My dad knows exactly how to bribe me.