The One with the Miscellany

First, because it made me laugh:

"[I want kids] so I can immediately send them off to boarding school where they will acquire tremendous parental resentment and, with any luck, magical powers."

- Daniel Radcliffe

I love you, DanRad, hobbit size and all. :*)

Second: There are at least two contests giving Brightly Woven away right now. Fellow Egmonter Anatasia Hopcus has it up for grabs (along with the first chapter of her very, very cool Shadow Hills--I'm about a hundred pages in and loving it). Katie also has a contest running where you can win a signed copy of either The Dark Divine or BW.

Third: I'm finally working on BW-related swag, so if you have any requests, please let me know! So far I'm definitely doing postcards and bookmarks (and a few t-shirts!). I'll post a link for you guys to request stuff when I have everything ready in February. :) I mentioned this on Twitter, but I'm actually thinking that the last ARC contest might involve the participants designing book plates or t-shirts, but I'm worried it might be a little intimidating... thoughts?

Fourth: To continue on the BW trend, if you're reading an ARC, or have read an ARC, and really feel like you need a map you can kind of follow along on the one I drew. It's not exactly magnificent, and the trees are, in the words of my father "little mutants," but it should be useful until I get the actual pretty map from the designer.

Fifth: I'm weirdly obsessed with Grey's Anatomy again. I caught a the second and third episode of the first season while I was at home and thought to myself, "Self, this is so much better than I remember!! Why did I stop watching??"

And then I remembered:

No thank you. No thank you very much.

I'm kind of skipping and jumping around, avoiding things like the above and seeing Bomb Squad Man aka Coach Eric Taylor get blown up. It's interesting to watch all of the episodes together, because you start catching some of the weird show quirks. Like, why has everyone but Alex and McDreamy had some kind of huge life-threatening emergency? I guess those two more than make up for near-death experiences with their personal dramarama, but it's still interesting. Actually, I take that back--Addison and McSteamy haven't had anything, right? It's also weird because I remember hating Addison's character so much when she was first introduced, but she's really grown on me over the years (or maybe I just realized what a HBIC she is).

Have a great day--sorry for the randomness!