The One with the Hipster

I think I've talked about this before, but every morning I get the LIMITLESS pleasure of riding an over-capacity L train on my journey into work. (I'm actually really pissed after reading that Wiki page--runs every four minutes during rush hour my ass!) Because it runs through Williamsburg and Bushwick (two neighborhoods of Brooklyn), it's earned itself the nickname "The Hipster Express." Do you know what I'm talking about when I say Hipster? They're most definitely not unique to NYC. My baby brother goes to school in Orange, California and I almost passed out when he rolled in wearing a plaid shirt (but never with two pockets on the front, because that would be "farmer" and not "hipster"--thank you Daniel Bracken), tight jeans, and converse. They're pretty easy to identify: often super skinny (especially boys) kids who wear ironic clothing, plaid everything, skinny jeans, black converse all stars, wayfarer sunglasses (and now, apparently, using their frames for normal glasses), swear they don't buy into mainstream trends, shop at thrift stores and American Apparel (and, though they'd slit their wrists before admitting it, Urban Outfitters), ripped leggings... Oh, look, I found a How to Dress Like a Hipster guide for you! While I really like some elements of the Hipster dress aesthetic, it can sometimes come across as looking... a little homeless chic? The whole point is to be ironic, I guess. I don't know, it seems like a whole lot of effort to put into your dress when you're supposed to look like you didn't give two farts when you got up that morning and threw on whatever you found on the floor.

Anyway, THIS is the mental image I have of "Hipster":


Which is why I laughed when I saw this in Publishers Weekly's review of Brightly Woven:

Between [Syd's] sharp tongue and emerging powers and North’s grungy appearance and hipster attitude, they make a charismatic pair.

I'm pretty sure they're referencing THIS kind of Hipster, but now I have a rather excellent mental image of North kicking it in skin-tight skinny jeans and a rainbow plaid shirt, sipping Pabst Blue Ribbon instead of his usual ale.


All of that is just to say that I got my first professional review!!! It was pretty much all positive, but had the usual one line zinger, of course. :)

Anyway, have a wonderful night! May a shaggy-bearded hipster guide you sweetly to dream land.