The One With the Dead Girl

Crazy, insane day at work, but I had to drop a quick note to you guys because... One of my absolute favorite reads of 2009 launched today! Run, do not walk, to Amazon, B&N, your local indie, etc., and buy this book immediately! Especially if you're a fan of mysteries of the Veronica Mars variety (and really, who isn't?), and you're looking for something so well written it will make you weep with the beauty of it all (for reals).


(Dead Cover Girl is going to keep staring at you until you purchase this book. Just so you know.)

In all seriousness, I inherited my mom's ability to accurately predict the ending of any movie/book/play--an ability that has ruined the last few books I read. But Anna kept me guessing right to the end, and the last couple of chapters were so intense that I almost threw my book across the room because I was so nervous for the characters.

Buy, buy, buy!!!

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