The One Where She Pats Herself on the Back

Remember how I was talking about the debate my dad and I were having about my computer set up? The whole it-is-killing-my-back-and-neck-to-write-on-my-laptop-for-more-than-two-hours thing? As a graduation present, my parents bought me a new MacBook Pro (which I love and cannot recommend enough--but wait a few months to buy one as they'll be upgrading it again soon), so I didn't want to have to buy an iMac because it would have felt like Apple Overkill in the worst possible way. Plus, the cheapest iMac is about $1200, so it would have been an investment. I did some research and found out that the MacBook Pros have a really nifty feature which lets them run in "clam mode," meaning that you can hook up an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse and run everything smoothly. So that's what I did instead!


(Watching Hellboy II [which is awesome])

I didn't buy the beautiful Apple monitor because it's about $900; I went with a 24" Samsung monitor that was about $700 less and is just as lovely. I'm using the Apple keyboard (not the wireless one, which is tiny and makes me think I'd loose it the minute my desk got messy) because I'm a big fan of the Apple function keys. I also bought a stand (which, go figure, was more expensive than the keyboard...) for the laptop to give me a little more room on the desk.

The only real problem I had was trying to find the right adapter cable for the monitor. The closest Best Buy to me (in Union Square) was wiped out of the mini DVI cables, and I ended up buying the wrong one. Instead of waiting until morning (and it was more than 12 degrees outside), I ended up going to the Apple Store on 9th Avenue to find the right cable.


First of all, I didn't even know Manhattan has a 9th Avenue. I guess I just thought it was 8th Avenue and then the Hudson? So... you learn something new every day. Also, talk about a needlessly large Apple store. In what universe were all three of those floors needed?? I can understand two if you're going to have a "classroom," but a whole floor dedicated to iPods and iPhones?

Anyway, I realized as I was walking back to the L that I was totally and completely invoking my dad. We like to call him "The General," because he gets in these moods where he devises little missions for himself and he wants to get things done RIGHT NOW RIGHT AWAY. Clearly I could have waited until today to get that cable--and I probably could have found it for cheaper at a different Best Buy--but oh no, I needed it RIGHT NOW RIGHT AWAY. hahaha

So I'm definitely happy with my new set up, and I'm making great progress on my WIP. I always thought it was a weird psychological block I had that only let me write for extended periods of time on a PC, but I think it just helps to sit up straight and have a monitor at eye level.

Off to finish a chapter and do some manuscript reading for work. Have a wonderful Sunday!