The One Happening in a New Year

Happy New Year!! Last night, I kept thinking that I should go ahead and blog about my resolutions for the New Year... only to realize that I don't really have any. I know that sounds weird, especially coming from someone who is (scarily) goal-oriented, but... I guess I want to try to let things fall into place by themselves this year. I'm kind of tired of trying to micromanage my own life, especially when so many things (such as selling another book) rely on people outside of me. And sure, I always have the usual resolutions of cutting soda out of my diet, losing weight, trying to learn a new language... but I hate feeling bad about myself when those things don't happen or don't happen quite the way I want them to. So I guess if I were to have a resolution, it would just be to be better about going with the flow, to relax a little bit. Last year was full of great things, such as graduating from school, but it definitely leaned more towards "WORST YEAR IN RECENT MEMORY," at least for me and my family. And maybe that's where this attitude is coming from, or maybe now that I'm out of school I just don't want to plan my life away... I guess we'll have to see.

But, really, I'm just SUPER! PUMPED! Because 2010 is... THE YEAR OF THE TENNERS!!!

Invading your shelves, one week at a time!!

Anyway, let's see, what else can I tell you about...? It seems like I've just been spending every waking moment with my family. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten much writing done, though I blame it mostly on me not being able to figure out whether or not I want to write my next project in alternating POVs (very tricky, very tricky indeed). My dad is trying to convince me to buy an Apple PC since I've been complaining about the back aches/neck aches I've been getting from working on a laptop for so many years--haven't given in yet, but as it costs about as much to buy just an Apple monitor as it does to buy an entire computer, we'll see...

Anyway, I'd better get back to writing for a few minutes before Dad and I venture off to the Apple store to ask them several dozen obnoxious questions. I'm bummed that I'm only here until Sunday, and also very bummed I'll have a hell of a time trying to readjust to East Coast Time on my first day back to work. Judging by the crazy dreams I've been having, I'm nervous to go back into the office after being away from my desk for so long!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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