The One With the Matchmaker, Singer, and Tall, Dark Love Interest

I leave for Arizona tomorrow!! I leave for Arizona tomorrow!! I leave for Arizona tomorrow... at 4:50 AM. The price I pay for living on the opposite coast of my destination. The actual flight doesn't leave until 8:20 AM, but I am not taking ANY chances. Much like my dad, who insists on getting to the airport at least two and a half hours early for ANY flight, I get EXTREMELY nervous if I'm not at the airport at least two hours in advance. I'm not really nervous when I get on the plane (though I have had some truly scary moments), but the thought of missing a flight inevitably makes me think of this ordeal, Arby's sandwiches, and Booth getting shot on Bones. I'm still not really sure why I took that so hard, but I can honestly say that it's the only time I've ever sat down and wept--literally wept. Anyway, today is also a great day because some TRULY fantastic books are being released. So, so happy for the first wave of Spring 2010 books to hit the shelves. Please do yourself a favor and check out these wonderful Tenner books--you will NOT be sorry!

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Happy Book Birthday, ladies!

On another, completely different note: did I tell you guys that I got to see Up in the Air with the roomies this weekend? It really deserves ALL of the buzz it's been getting, even though Roommate J and I aren't completely convinced we liked the ending.


More later--so much work to finish up today before vacation!!