The One with the Friday Five

1. First things first, Anna of Book Nerds was nice enough to make me a widget for Brightly Woven. This is extremely good news, because despite my years of designing websites and working with graphic design programs, I could not figure this crap out for the life of me. PLUS! She made it really, really, REALLY pretty! Feel free to take for your own site, if you're so inclined:

Thanks again, Anna!!

2. Last night I watched The Jersey Shore with my roommates. First--do these people actually exist? I mean, are we sure they're not CGI creatures created by James Cameron, tinted orange this time instead of blue? Because they exist in an environment that is not only completely foreign, but also one populated by other creatures that appear and act exactly as they do, using war terms to describe their woes on the battlefield of love. Last night, the poor blonde girl who finally sobered up and realized she was locked in Crazy Town's clown carnival and WANTED OUT IMMEDIATELY was referred to as "the grenade"--meaning one of the guys--Pauly?--had to sacrifice his time and energy into entertaining her so that the other guy--Mike "the Situation"--could hook up with her slightly more attractive friend. And then let's not forget that Snookie (I keep wanting to call her Snuggie), the dirty dancing ewok of the show, got punched in the face last night at the bar when she yelled at a guy (who is a teacher in the Bronx, by the way) for taking their shots. Despite the fact the fact that the clip of his fist connecting with her face is already online and has been for about a week, MTV was classy enough not to show it. AND put a "any violence against women is WRONG WRONG WRONG" message immediately after the show. But as Roommate H pointed out, violence against ANYONE is WRONG WRONG WRONG.


3. Temperature this morning: 16 degrees, feels like 7 degrees. High in Arizona today: 73 degrees. High in Arizona when I finally touchdown next Wednesday: 63 degrees. Not that I'm going to complain about 60 degree weather, but the 70s couldn't have held out for three more days??

4. Today is editor appreciation day! Can I just say that I appreciate both of the editors I've had the pleasure of working with at EgmontUSA? First, Ruth Katcher, who actually went through BW and edited it with me and didn't immediately abandon all hope when she saw my adverb abusage. And Regina Griffin, who acquired BW in the first place and has since been such a joy and pleasure to work with. Can I also thank Alison Weiss, Egmont's fabulous editorial assistant? You guys have no idea how hard she works. I hope she realizes how much all of the Egmont authors appreciate everything she does.

5. Did I ever mention that I have a Tumblr profile set up for Brightly Woven? You can find it here. I really love Tumblr's interface and how easy it is to post multimedia! I'm going to be posting some exclusive content over there (Including the map of the countries I drew for myself as a guide while I was writing. Warning: it is pretty pathetic.) Check it out and let me know what you think. :)

Happy weekend!

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