I'm sorry, you guys are just going to have to prepare yourselves for three months of me complaining about how cold it is outside, how cold it is in my office, how cold it is in my apartment, and how cold I am every single moment I am not under three layers of blankets in my bed. The really sad thing? I actually thought I was getting better about dealing with the cold. Williamsburg was flipping FREEZING my freshman year and I wasn't prepared for that at all--but, on a whole, we had pretty mild winters. Every now and then we would have a few pretty flurries flutter down from the heavens and grace us with their lovely presence (although, it was almost always during finals, so you got approximately five minutes with the flurries as you walked, head down, stressed out, into your next Final of Doom). Last year, as you might recall, I had my first and only snow day ever!


Snow, like winter, is fun for approximately five minutes, and then it resorts to sucking something fierce. It also doesn't help that I have no wool-blend pants/tights/leggings, so this morning I fumbled with my layering and now may--may--look like I've got a tad bit more junk in the trunk than I actually do (bad thing?)... Guys, help me! I'm seriously worried about destroying all of my shoes when it finally does start snowing, because you all know what a baby I'm going to be about slogging my way into work.

(And all of this should go to show you that I really do love torturing my characters, as 80% of one of my stories takes place in an icy tundra and no one really has proper blustering winter attire. Fun times!!)

I really don't know how you Canadians/Midwesterners/East Coasters/Everywhere in the country outside of California and Arizona-ers do it. I know I sound like I'm exaggerating, but I genuinely do not know how to deal. I have no coping mechanisms. I used to drive myself to school in high school, right? Well, sometimes it would be cold enough for a half-inch thing layer of frost to coat my windshield, and I was late to school one morning because I didn't know how to get it off other than to scrape at it with my student ID card and hope I didn't scrape the window tint off with it, too. That pathetic. Really. Virginia taught me nothing, except to start hording food in October and stay inside when the temperature dropped below 40. I wish I could have found a way to travel underground in the secret steam tunnels but alas.

So to keep myself cheery and merry and jolly, and perhaps warm my little scrooge heart up a bit, here are a few Christmas traditions I may have to investigate over the new few weeks, and I definitely encourage anyone in the local vicinity to welcome a little Yuletide Cheer into their city lives:

- Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree and Rink - The Christmas Markets at Bryant Park and Union Square - The fanciful department store window displays along Fifth Ave - A visit to the New York City Ballet - Visiting all 9 or so floors of Macy's Department Store - Radio City Christmas Spectacular!!!! (Though, let's be honest: the commercials for this are terrifying. It's like a shot of candycane straight to the heart.) - The Christmas events at New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo

I'm sure there are hundreds more! What are your favorite local traditions?

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