Friday Fantastical Four

I'll keep this fairly short and sweet! Last night, right before I went to bed, I had been mulling over the idea of doing a post on character death--I think I'm probably going to save it for tomorrow or Sunday, when I have a little more time to get my thoughts down and figure out a way I can talk about it without revealing who just died on the show Supernatural. Moving right alongggg... 1. Brightly Woven has it's first piece of fan art!! You can see Katie's (awe-some) movie poster for it here. Girl, from your mouth to Hollywood's ears! My dad asks me why I haven't sold my film option every time he sees a blurb about another YA property being snatched up, but let's face it... High Fantasy, with a few notable exceptions, generally isn't considered box office gold. (Likely because it's a bit of a niche audience and is fairly expensive to make if you want it to look half decent!) That said, I've noticed that Legend of the Seeker is picking up a little more steam online and off, and that HBO is also drinking the Kool-Aid by ordering a pilot of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice. The show Merlin bombed a bit over here, but across the pond it has a fanatical following. Maybe those are good signs for those of us with High Fantasies coming out in the next year or so?

Anyway, it's weird how this, along with getting a copy of the first proof of my jacket, made it feel all the more real to me.

2. I'm having a bit of a Florence + The Machine moment. MUST. SHARE.

3. As a New New Yorker, I find this interactive Who Can Afford to Live Where map hugely interesting to play with. Also: DEPRESSING. Even more depressing? Nearly 90,000 print-publishing jobs were lost last year.

4. So I finally have some fun plans this weekend! I'm hoping to finish a revision round on one of my stories and write a chapter of another, but I'm not sure it'll pan out. On Saturday, I'm meeting Anna for lunch (the task of picking the place falls on me... yikes) and then we're going to head over to MoMA's Tim Burton exhibit to poke around. I'm hoping that the fact it's no longer Thanksgiving weekend means that there will be less tourists to battle with in Midtown... I'm also (hopefully) going to be at the big Books of Wonder signing that's happening on Sunday from 1-3. You can read about that here. If you see me, please don't be shy!