The One With the Email Subject Line

Hi all, how was your day? Mine was filled with some excitement, but mainly A LOT of work. The other editorial assistant on my team recently left (and I miss her very, very much), so I've been helping her supervisor as well as my supervisor. Another editor on my team is leaving tomorrow for her Christmas vacation, so I'll be finishing some stuff up for her while she's gone. So, like I said, VERY busy! It makes the day go by quickly, though, which is a good thing when you have a week until your vacation...

This morning one of my coworkers emailed me this newsletter from School Library Journal. I pretty much almost passed out when I saw that the title of the email was "The Skinny on Video Games, 'Brightly Woven' (a new fantasy) Shines, Sherlock Holmes," and then nearly fell out of my chair to see two really wonder reviews from teen readers. I tend to put a little more stock in reader reviews than publication reviews, if only because I care more about what my audience thinks and how they respond to something I've written. Also? Those reviews are incredibly thoughtful and smart (everyone in the office was very impressed with them). Anyway, that was just a very lovely way to start my morning. Thank you to everyone who emailed it to me or sent me a Twitter or Livejournal message about it! :) March still feels like a lifetime away, and I know I really shouldn't be going bananas about publicity until February.... so, uh, please don't forget about Brightly Woven before then!

(By the way, Papa Bracken feels SO vindicated about the reviewers' map comments, by the way. He is a Big Time Fan of maps in Fantasy books and has been offering to draw mine since he read a rough draft of BW.)

Anyway, I'm off to to work on a proposal and do some reading. I'm currently splitting my time between re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Beautiful Creatures. Both are incredibly difficult to read on the train, by the way. The paperback readers are constantly giving me strange looks.

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