if I could turn back tiiiiiime

Hello, lovelies! Did you have a nice Halloween?

As you can see, I went as Miss Minnie Mouse, which was an excellent companion to Roommate J who was Dolly Parton. If you didn't know, Dolly has more wisdom than bosom, which seems impossible, I know, but it's true. I found that dress fully-realized in a vintage store and have spent every day since wondering what in the world that dress was originally created for. Roommate J let me borrow her mouse ears, which were actually a really cute headband. I put on false eyelashes (an experience I do not plan on repeating in the near future...) and this bright red lipstick from Revlon, which is, apparently, a favorite of Penelope Cruz.

Halloween in NYC is actually really cool! We did have a number of trick or treaters come through (less than we were hoping for, though). The kids were awesomely smart and efficient about it. Instead of going around ringing one doorbell at a time, they rang them in clusters so they wouldn't be waiting on a door that would never open. It's really fun to see everyone in costume on the subway... except for the creepers in creepy costumes who insisted on staring at us, not blinking, for most of the train ride back from Queens. Ah, good times.

Today I have a few goals:

1. Clean my godforsaken room. Back to pre-Halloween status.

2. Get through chapter 3 or 4 of my revisions. I participated in NaNoWriMo my freshman year of college (and won!), but I haven't been in the position to participate since then. Not really sure I would want to anymore, to be completely honest, but good luck to everyone who's taking the plunge this year!

3. Book my flight home for Christmas! I don't get to leave until the 23rd, but after being an RA for so long, I'm definitely used to late arrivals. As you can probably tell, I'm not going home for Thanksgiving. Can't really wing it this year.

4. Go to bed early so that I can actually enjoy having gained an extra hour of sleep! The whole shine and wonder of Daylight Savings Time has worn off on me after leaving on the East Coast for four years, but the little Arizona girl in me gets a thrill when I realize time has ~*~magically~*~ reset itself yet again. And my family is only two hours behind now, instead of three! This makes a big difference when I have to call my Mom at 8 o'clock in the morning my time...

Have a wonderful day!