Back again, back again

Ahhh, it's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry for not writing over the weekend. I pretty much entered into a state of non-writing bliss, where I thought about blogging and finishing revisions on a story and then thought better. I didn't realize how exhausted I was until I passed out in front of a day-long marathon of Cake Boss (I also watched the day-long marathons of Say Yes to the Dress and What Not To Wear--I was weak, very weak). I feel guilty about not finishing my writing, but... I think it's better not to force it sometimes. Plus, the reworked ending of this story took some considerable thought and research, so there! On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of eating a late lunch with Sarah Maas, who is even more gorgeous and witty in person! I had so much fun chatting about the biz and fantasy. She is, admittedly, at least 10000000x better read in the genre than I am, so it was fun to get her recs since I'm trying to expand my Fantasy reading so I can talk about my genre in a semi-coherent fashion. I'm realizing now that my introduction to Fantasy came more from reading manga than reading novels... which is kind of weird, right?

Anyway, today I had the pleasure of having lunch at Egmont! It was my first time visiting their office, and it was basically an explosion of happiness and amazing books. (I got a final copy of The Dark Divine and Scones and Sensibility--and they're even more beautiful in person. The purple on The Dark Divine is SO vivid! I also got to see the covers-in-progress for some of the Summer 2010 titles, including the sure to be wonderful Raised by Wolves!) Okay, and beside the sandwich I ate being absurdly delicious (It was ridiculous, I wanted to inhale it), my company was absolutely stellar and I'm so happy to finally have met everyone in the office. Thanks so much again for having me, guys!

(In other Brightly Woven-related news: it's been getting some great feedback over on Goodreads and Twitter. I'm really surprised and flattered that it's getting such passionate responses!)

I also had a doctor's appointment today, so I took the rest of the work day off and am now bumming around at home, squinting at things with my wonky eyes. Once they clear up, I'm going to do some work reading and actually tackle the last two chapters of the story I'm working on. Not that there's any rush since the holidays are coming up, but I did promise my agent I would send her a draft... uh, two weeks ago.