A Series of Unrelated Events

So many suggestions to do a ten minute yoga set! Alas, I have never done Yoga before, so it's something I'll have to investigate. Any good recommendations for online resources/books? A good Youtube series? Today started off with someone pushing their way off the subway train and throwing up the cereal he ate for breakfast near my feet. So, onward to better things:

Since October's playlist seemed to go over well, here's what I'm listening to for November. There's sort of a soft/country vibe going on in my iPod lately--my way of getting myself to chill out. I'm not really a big country fan (at least not in the way my sister and a few friends are), but I've always really appreciated that country music is rooted in storytelling, and that lends itself to a kind of traditional American identity. The first song on it is by the divine Patty Griffin, and one of my favorites.

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Speaking of favorites, Emma Thompson said that she's going to take her name off the petition to free Roman Polanski. Thank goodness, because I thought my head was going to implode from the crazy of it all. One of the interesting things to note is her mention of peer pressure from other actors and friends--I have a feeling this is probably true for many of the people who signed the petition, and if not... well, that sucks.

I know people were initially P.O.ed at the thought of another remake (By the way, why is it that all movies these days have to be pre-tested so that everything is a sequel or remake?), the new Clash of the Titans posters look, for a better phrase, BAD ASS. I can already hear my dad chanting "BLU RAY! BLU RAY! BLU RAY!" in the distance.

Happy One Year Anniversary, Obama!


Now get back to work!

And with that, I'm off. Have a good one :)

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