A Friday Five of Curiosities

1. As I'm sure many of you have heard by now, Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket is leaving HarperCollins and taking his next Lemony Snicket series to Little, Brown. Not only that, but Susan Rich, his editor, is ALSO leaving Harper and going to LB as an editor-at-large. This situation has part of my brain absolutely livid (this is the part of my brain, by the way, that still romanticizes the idea of children's publishing). I think what bothers me the most about this situation... well, everything bothers me. From the moment that he sold UK rights before US rights and sent every American publisher into a tizzy to try to compete for his new book, to the fact that his editor just-so-happens to be leaving to go to LB with him, in what may or may not be a job that pays more for doing less. I mean, good for LB and Handler for forming this (clearly) mutually beneficial agreement, and I doubt this is the first time something like this has happened and will happen... but, man, whatever happened to publisher loyalty? I think it's a very visible demonstration of how publishing has changed. I had grown up with the assumption that houses would acquire authors and then work really hard to make them a house author. This is still true at my Place of Employment, at least on my team, but I understand how financial issues cause these kinds of relationships to break down. It's nice that DH/LS is taking his editor with him (though, I have to wonder: did LB offer her the job before or after they acquired his next series? Was that part of his terms for going with them?), because I know how important the editor/author relationship is, and how lasting it could and should be.

What say you guys on this?

2. Kristi over at The Story Siren has a great post about ARCs/Bloggers up that goes nicely with the post I made earlier. Definitely recommend you take a look and see what a lot of online marketing professionals/publicists in the publishing houses are saying about ARCs and professionalism.

3. I just started watching the new season of Friday Night Lights and it is amazing!! Last season ended on such a brutal (but exceptional) note that I was worried--worried about everything and everyone. And while the situation is still bad, all of these glimmers of hope and Coach Taylor's building of the Lions (both as a team and as individual young men) reminds me so much of the first season. I have a feeling that the team's transformation will be largely reflected in the transformation of their field, facilities, and staff. Ah, show. You are amazing. Everything about you makes my little heart sing like a canary.

4. I'm making pretty good progress with MAP revisions. I haven't really been talking about writing that much because I'm afraid it falls under the category of "overshare" and it's hard for people to find it in themselves to care about a book they may never read. But, in case you're curious about how I'm trying to tame my little problem child:

- trying to cut 20,000 words (ahahahaha...) - fixing two of the MC's characterizations, as well as emphasizing the bad guy's motivations - adding a few more telling details about the world - trying to fix the pacing in the slouchy middle and - rewriting the ending

5. The weather here has been so very, very bizarre. I noticed on Twitter yesterday that my alma mater was cancelling all classes after 4 PM due to severe weather and had a complete moment of WTF. Down in the 'Burg, I had to be hyperaware of keeping track of the weather because it changed so much throughout the day, not even just the week. Apparently, I was not aware Mother Nature had declared war on the entirety of the East Coast with a monster Nor'easter storm. Weather.com dubbed it "THE ASSAULT ON THE ATLANTIC," which would make you think we're drowing in rain, right? I think it's been sprinkling here on and off, but without the sound of wind howling past skyscrapers and my apartment complex, you would never know it was a Nor'easter. Uh, not that I actually want atorrential downpour...

Happy weekend! To my East Coasters: stay dry! To my West Coasters: curse you and your mild fall weather! To the Non-Coasters: are you folks really getting snow already??