What I'm Listening to This Month

Ah, I am a creature of habit. Once the new month rolls around I know I must 1) buy a new metro card 2) pay my rent and 3) put together a new playlist for the month. #3 has become especially important now that I actually have a commute to work. I may only go approximately 2 miles, but it takes me about a half an hour to get from downtown to midtown, and that half hour is filled with screechy train brakes and grouchy people. Here's what I'm listening to this month, random as it may be:

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(Notice how Empire State of Mind by Jay Z is NOT on the list? I'm so sick of that song. I swear, there hasn't been a day the past three weeks that some car hasn't barreled down the street past me, blasting it for the world to hear.)

I decided for sure that I'm going to Homecoming in two weeks or so! I'm buying my tickets once my paycheck is deposited tomorrow, and I am FLIPPING EXCITED. I haven't left this island since June, and I am in desperate need of some REAL TREES, and COLONIAL BUILDINGS, and WAWA, and DARLING SORORITY GIRLS, and PAUL'S CHEESE FRIES!!!

Have I talked about my past as a sorority girl much? Well, the way our family system worked was that you have a Big (sister), and you are your Big's Little, and so on and so forth. Well! My Big, who I haven't seen in quite some time due to her adventuring in South America, is also coming to Homecoming... which means that I'll have my Big, my Little, my Little Little, my Little Little Little (Tiny), and my brand new Little Little Little Little (Teeny-Tiny??). That is going to be one excellent picture. And don't worry, since I've been defaulting on a TMI setting lately, I'm sure you'll all get to see it. :)

I do miss school. I know I've said it before, but I miss going to classes, walking around on campus, hanging out with my friends (er... not in that order), going to the Grind or Aroma's. I even miss the constant crappy weather and studying. Well, maybe I don't miss school so much as I miss W&M and the little community I had there. I'm sure I'll feel all weird and wonky walking around campus belonging there, but not REALLY belonging there... actually, it'll be really weird and wonky because Carly won't be there to bemoan UC food with me, but I will keep here there in spirit.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling post! Your choices for the night were nauseating nostalgia or an extreme, drawn out tale about the battle wound I got while shopping after work. The details of this still escape me, but somehow a shoe I was trying on fell and cut my toe open?? I resisted the urge to buy the devil pair, but I did (unfortunately for my bank account) find two more that I am a little bit too in love with. I also elbowed a beyotch at Forever 21, but I think that's a story for another time.

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