Thrilling Heroics

I actually had a pretty fun and productive weekend, and now that I'm settling down with the chicken burritos I made for myself, I can finally tell you about it. It was a glorious Fall weekend, first of all--perfect 60 degree weather and blue skies all around. On Saturday morning, I met my friends Bridget and Carlie at Alice's Tea Cup (Chapter 1) on the Upper West Side for brunch. Amazing tea and scones!!! I got French Toast and almost died from the loveliness of it all. The table next was playing host to a little girl's birthday party--she was maybe 11 or 12? I'm not sure, but she and her friends were totally decked out in crowns and feather boas. In fact, they left behind several thousand feathers in the wake when they left. I guess I was feeling a little left out of the fun, and that's what made me order "Birthday Tea" off the menu. ;)

Bridget and I braved the terrible subway zoo (16 closures for repairs!) and said goodbye at 14th street. I had to run some errands and pick up a package from the post office, and since I was up and going, I kept going.

Even though I've been living in my apartment since August and I've slowly been collecting things to decorate it with, I didn't actually do anything with that stuff until Saturday. I went back and forth about making the long trip to Target, when I realized that--duh--I could just walk to KMart and be there in less time. Unfortunately, I still haven't found a duvet cover for my bed yet, but I finally bought frames to hang my pictures. I'm also in the process of decorating this gloriously huge bulletin board that I brought home with me on the subway last week; it's sort of serving as an inspiration/picture/story board, and it's saving me a lot of grief when it comes to hammering nails into the wall. I was in Urban Outfitters at one point, really close to buying this super pretty rug, but I realized the only reason I wanted it was because it was super pretty, and not because it actually matched my room.

I was supposed to meet my cousin for dinner, but he had to leave the city and, thus, no dinner with cousin. Instead, I did laundry, and while this might not sound like it should be wildly entertaining, it was quite eventful in the end.

Our apartment complex uses these smart cards for the washers and dryers that you put money on and then insert into the machine. My roommates and I have been sharing one card, which disappeared somewhere between my washer and dryer cycles. Instead of just being able to buy another card from the machine with my debit card, I had to go use the ATM in the grocery store and then have them break the $20 because the machine only gives you the card if you feed it a $5 bill. I bought a coke and Twizzlers (writer mojo food, I assure you) and when I noticed the girl was going to give me five $1 bills back, I asked if she had a $5 bill instead. Unfortunately, none of the cash registers had a $5 bill. NONE OF THEM. I had to wait until another customer could come and break it for me, and by the time I got back my clothes were practically dry in the washers.

So I did a mega-cleaning session on my room and settled in to start writing my WIP. I restarted the first chapter after being fairly unhappy with it, and I'm sitting pretty at 5,000 or so words for the day. I'd like to get to 6,000 and finish chapter 2 if at all possible, but I'm not going to kill myself doing it. All last week, I kept trying to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning to write, and it just wasn't happening for me. I might try again this week, but I'm afraid it'll make be zombiefied* at work in a week I'm sure will be insanely busy.

* Okay, this is a tiny bit embarrassing to admit, but I watched the show Smallville this weekend for the first time since the second season aired, and I kind of loved it. It was a zombie episode with lots of zombie drool, which automatically makes it + 10, but they're finally getting around to turning Clark into Superman. (Guys, don't laugh, but I seriously love Superman. All y'all can keep Spiderman and Batman, but leave me my Supes.) I was always frustrated with Smallville and the whole Clark/Lana thing, but Erica Durance, who plays Lois, is fantastic and has great chemistry with Tom Welling. Also, Tom Welling? Still INCREDIBLY GOOD LOOKING.


I love Superman for the same reason I love Star Wars: the mythos and history. I'm really excited to see what they come up with for the reboot of the series.

Err... anyway.

I'm excited for the week ahead, because I get to see an advanced screening of Where the Wild Things Are on the 15th with my coworkers. My parents are flying back in from Europe tonight, too, so I'll finally be able to catch up with them and hear about their trip. But for now, back to writing.