the great tivo war, part 1

Wow, so much fail in my blogging life lately! Sorry about that--I'm going to have to get on a better blogging schedule, methinks, otherwise I'll put it off and put it off... I've been feeling a little under the weather lately, and that + busy, busy work days = exhausted Bracken who proceeds to pass out at 8 PM and wake up scared and disoriented at 4 AM because she has reoccurring nightmares of Miss Viola Swamp.

I wish I could say I was making awesome progress on my revisions, but... not so much! I'm hoping to finish reworking the first 100 or so pages by this weekend, but, you know, Halloween beckons. I have been doing a little writing; I ghost wrote something for work, but I think my only compensation will be the secret knowledge that I wrote it and my private gloating. The other night my roommates and I (as well as roommate H's boyfriend and his roommates) got together for some high quality pumpkin carving. Roommate J and I shared our little guy--you can't see it in this picture, but we carved a cactus in his side to pay tribute to the great state of our upbringing. The other guys were really hell bent on making a puking pumpkin, but that quickly changed into a Hellboy pumpkin, and when it became clear that there was no way in hell they were going to pull that one off, they switched to a scuba diving pumpkin (whose goggles double as beer can holders--so, so classy).

So I'm having an all-out war with TIVO, which is currently the Voldemort to my Harry Potter desire to watch Grey's Anatomy. I'm so confused by this system and I HATE THE HONKING NOISE!! STOP HONKING AT ME, OKAY, I JUST WANT TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL!! YOU ARE SLOW. AND MEAN. I GUESS THAT MAKES YOU MORE DUDLEY THAN VOLDEMORT. ANYWAY. ANALOGY STILL RELEVANT.

Err... clearly I should not blog when I have nothing of great importance to say. I guess I should go bake my halloween cupcakes!! What are you guys going as for Halloween? I'll give you a hint about my costume: D-I-S--wait for it!--N-E-Y!