Link Love Lunch Break

I am in a cube, and this cube (Candy, as I call the sassy thing) has terrible lighting that gives me headaches. I need to spread some link joy in the hope of it somehow circling back to me and raining magic sprinkles of sunshine back down on the Children’s Department. So--Link Love. ♥ So did you hear about the Dave Letterman scandal? The more I hear about it, the less I like him--if nothing else, it sounds like a gross abuse of power. Thank goodness Gawker is here to remind of of all of the tasteless Monica Lewinsky jokes he told in yesteryears.

♥ Chicago and Tokyo are both out in the 2016 Olympic bid. I guess the whole Obama, Oprah, Olympics act didn't pan out for them.

♥ I was just telling Roommate J last night that I can't stand watching movies where parts of the Earth (specifically historical places, and more specifically, early American historical places) get destroyed, so I have no plans to see 2012. If you'd like a five minute preview to your destruction and the earth's ultimate meltdown--please, be my guest.

♥ I'm trying this new thing were I actually make mysel real food for dinner instead of relying excusively on canned goods and frozen meals. I've been checking out the website Epicurious over the past few days, and I'm a little bit in love. But let's be honest. The moment my grocery store starts re-stocking normal plain Spagettios (as opposed to the MUCH HATED[!!] meatball variety), I see a quick regression in the healthy eating department.

♥ In case you missed it, JK Rowling has an official Twitter account now!! Unfortunately, she's doing what all of us SHOULD be doing and focusing on her writing rather than whittling her time away on a social networking site.

via the Huffington Post, here are some of the funniest protest signs of 2009.

♥ Breaking news (marvel of the internet)! Rio wins the 2016 Olympics! Still can't really bring myself to care, unfortunately.

♥ I am not 100% sure if this is legit or not, but in case you need some body shimmer for your Twilight-inspired Halloween costume:

Happy Friday!

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