Contest Winners!

Hey chickadees and chickodoos, I'm so sorry for the late post! As some of my savvy readers know, I am A) No longer in school, which means my time for blogging has decreased greatly, B) Am now gainfully employed at a wonderful publishing house, and C) Said wonderful publishing house just moved--as in yesterday and today--and it was quite the ordeal. I came home yesterday and passed out at 5, slept into GLEE, wished I had slept through GLEE, and went to bed. The move itself wasn't too bad, just the anticipation of it. It felt, in some ways, like the end of the school year when you're packing, packing, packing, and stressing out about packing, and all you want to do is just GO. Once we finally got to the new building today it was all fine and dandy. The day went by fast because I had to make multiple trips back and forth between the two buildings to pick up my--and my boss'--"hand carry items." Once I realized there was no way in hell I was going to carry my ten ton boxes, I interofficed those (which might have been a mistake as they never showed up today...) and then had to carry a trash can down Fifth Avenue since the movers forgot mine. ANYWAY. CONTEST. RIGHT.


I had SO many amazing entries, and that's ANOTHER reason why I'm so late in announcing the winners! To make sure I wasn't playing favorites (which would have been hard, since you are ALL my favorites), I enlisted my friend Mike to help me choose. Seriously, though. You guys had some wonderful pictures--I'm going to get around to posting all of them here on the site (after I get permission, of course!). If you see your picture below, please send me another email at with your mailing info/address :)

Third Place Sab H. of Crystal Reviews


Second Place Briana of The Book Pixie

After the Rain 3

First Place Katie!


Thank you guys SO, SO much for entering!!