Bad Kitty Puppy!

Remember my shopping trip from last night? Well, I was calling my sister to talk to her about my heaven-sent new shoes and to ask if she'd be willing to ship some of my purses/shoes/clothes that I had to leave at home (because obviously I need more stuff in my apartment). As she was walking into the kitchen, I heard her go, "HOLY BATMAN! HOLY BATMAN!!" Except, you know, not "Batman." Feel free to insert the four letter word of your choice. This story needs a little background now that I'm thinking about it. So you all are well acquainted with Teagan, but you might not know her brother Stryker, who has also come to live with us. This is Stryker:


Isn't he cute? I call him my little Fluffy McNugget since he's a little small for his size but very, very fluffy. So Fluffy McNugget wasn't raised in the Bracken household so to speak, though he often came to visit when he and his sister were both very little:



Anyway, because he was raised in a house full of cats and he's a good jumper, my little McNugget got into the habit of jumping up (from the ground!!) onto the island in our kitchen. At first Mom and Dad thought he was using the crates as a step to get up there, but oh no, he's just a little grasshopper:



This wasn't really a problem... until last night. Last night, he somehow managed to turn on the faucet built into the island and completely flooded the kitchen and every drawer of the island. Poor Sister had a heartattack when she discovered she was standing in several inches of water.

Bad Fluffy McNugget!!