A Fine Friday Five

1. So, the other day I was telling my mom that I really wish that NYC would adopt Paris' philosophy on subway performers and force them to audition first. Totally snobby, I admit, but damn if I don't get tired of seeing some guy pretending to play a flute while the boom box next to them is clearly providing the whimsical flute and windchime noises. Anyway, as descended deep into the dark belly of Manhattan Island to catch the E/V Train home, I heard the most wonderful voice floating up to me. This guy seriously did the most amazing version of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," to the point that I 1) wanted to give him a hug 2) give him the entire contents of my wallet and 3) cry because I didn't have my camera on me to record it. Anyway, it was a wonderful way to end a very hectic and busy, busy, busy day. 2. Speaking of trains, I've learned an important rush hour lesson: The first train that comes through is always going to be jam-packed and more people are going to distort their bodies and push people in to get on it. If you want the two whole minutes it takes for the next train to come, you and the few people remaining on the empty-ish platform are almost always guaranteed seats on the next train, which is never, ever as crowded (unless it's the L at 8:30 in the morning).

3. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how unbearable it will be to live in this city if the Yankees win the World Series. That is all.

4. I was a bit of a reading machine this month, which probably explains why I did so little actual writing. In addition to the 3 or 4 books I read for work (while I realize it's probably obvious by now which company I work for, I still won't acknowledge it here), I read The Body Finder, The Dark Divine, Shiver, and I started InkHeart, The Line, and a Most Improper Magick. Need to finish reading those Tenner ARCs so I can send them not to the next Tenner waiting for them! Speaking of reading, my friend Carlie recently did a post about her reading habits now that she's interning at a literary agency.

5. So, has anyone been watching Project Runway this season? Good lord is it boring. I don't know if it's the combination of people, the vanilla challenges, the rehashing of old challenges, Godfather Tim appearing to be over it all, or that horrible model show that follows it, but ZZZZzzzZZzzz to the max, people. Is it just me, or has the show lost every sparkle that used to make it fun? Even Nina and Ever-Orange Michael Kors can't be bothered to show up to judging half the time.

Auf wiedersehen!

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