Emmys Night

Thanks for all of the great suggestions on what to do with my book overflow! I wish I could spread the wealth, but many of the books are books that my team worked on, and hence, I want to read them first! I might do quite a few bulk giveaways later--I think we're due for an ARC giveaway too... Anyway! After doing some research yesterday and a little more today, I finally started plotting out a new story to work on. I like this one A LOT. I think it's fair to say that I'm in love with the idea, and I'm really, really, REALLY(!!!!!!!) excited to start working on it. The only problem being, of course, that I'm not sure which character needs to tell the story.

Today was a day of adapted mini-traditions for me. I'm finding that bringing bringing them across the country has been the best way to adapt to life here in NYC. I've said it before, but everyone has their own little world here, and the only way to adapt is bring some of yourself and your family to it.

My family has a lot of weird little rituals, but I love all of them. For instance, whenever we go to the mall for more than two hours, we have to take a "cookie and a coke" break at Paradise Bakery for my dad. It never fails. Weekends are clean-up days, which means I'm programmed to let my room and apartment become a disaster zone over the course of the week and then clean it up as soon as Saturday rolls around. Sundays are cinnamon rolls days--so I bet you can guess what my first tradition was for today. On award show days such as today, we always order pizza so my Mom can watch the show and not have to worry about dinner. Translated: I just ate half of a pizza in one sitting.

Oh, and can we even talk about the Emmys for a minute? This night is made ten thousand times more bearable by the fact that Nene from the Real Housewives is calling people out on being ridiculous. I think she's about two Seacrests away from calling Blake Lively a little ho--who would have thought she would end up as the moral compass of Hollywood? And now all the E! hosts are sharing sweat rags. It's actually pretty impressive that Seacrest's make-up isn't melting off his face. Maybe it's a different story up close--Leighton Meester in her extreme white shoulder pads looks a little alarmed. But not as alarmed as she's going to look standing next to Blake, who is going for some combination of Slave Girl Princess Leia and Show Girl.